Copyright © 2017 & Beyond Save Time & Money 

Copyright © 2017 & Beyond Save Time & Money 

Introduction to Save Time & Money - STM

First, here are a few things you'll want to know:

  1. Save Time & Money is an Online Store Only.

  2. Save Time & Money is often abbreviated as STM.

  3. STM launched in March of, 2015.

  4. STM membership is Free.

  5. STM launched with just 6,000 products and has grown to over 1,944,506 from thousands of sellers in over 110 different countries.


STM is continually growing

In addition to the over 1,944,506 items, HUNDREDS of new products are added weekly, so there's always something fresh and new.  Not seeing anything you particularly want to buy right now?  No problem.  Next week there might be dozens of products you're excited about!  You'll also be interested to know that because of how we've built STM, virtually any type of product or service can be added!

STM is much more than just an e-commerce site

Yes, STM offers tens of thousands of products from all over the world–which is awesome–but STM also features:

  • 24-hour penny auctions that feature savings of up to 99% off retail (with a guaranteed minimum savings of 77% on every auction)!

  • Fun and engaging games to attract the more than 100 million people who play games online daily!

  • 25 free daily drawings for customers (T-Time and The Daily Crown), that allows shoppers to win thousands of dollars in prizes every week!

In short, STM has something for everyone–and that makes online shopping not only realistic but also fun and exciting.

Save Time & Money...

is a state-of-the-art Internet store featuring numerous amenities including:

  • Express Checkout

  • Mobile responsive

  • Wish Lists

  • Online order/shipment tracking

  • Exclusive, money-saving deals, sales, and closeouts

  • Advanced search features

  • Standing Orders (you can set up orders to have consumable products shipped to you monthly automatically, meaning monthly deliveries for you)

  • One-click sitewide currency conversions for 17 major world currencies

  • Dozens of payment options (including our exclusive LocalPay™–which allows you to pay with your own local currency, or even use barter for payment

  • and much more...and much more still in development! 

With all these powerful features, and massive future expansion coming, STM represents a shopping experience unlike anything else on the internet.