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STM TOYS It's about fun, being silly and letting kids be kids
It's about fun, being silly and letting kids be kids

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Action Figures

Action Figures from All Eras

Since Hasbro Toys introduced G.I. Joe toys in the 1960s, the action figure has been a favorite both for kids adding to their toy brigade, and kids at heart collecting rare and unique pieces for display. From Star Wars toys to Spider-Man figurines and everything in between, STM Toys is the place to buy an amazing selection of action figures from all eras.


Comic Book Heroes Galore

Everyone has their favorite comic book hero, and STM Toys sells action figures to represent them all. Whether you’re partial to DC Comics or Marvel, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Captain America or Superman, you’ll find what you need when you search STM Toys’ expansive collection of superhero figures. Team up with STM Toys to assemble your Avengers, reunite the Justice League, or find that rare Batman figurine from the classic TV series.


There’s an obvious reason Jurassic World was the biggest movie of 2015: Everyone loves dinosaurs! Kids and adults of all ages adore the prehistoric beasts, and STM Toys carries thousands of action figures dedicated to the ferocious fossils.

Robots in Disguise

Maybe you played with Transformers toys in the 1980s. Or maybe you’re just a fan of the blockbuster movies. Whatever the case may be, these robots in disguise continue to be some of the most popular action figures on the market. And if you have action figures or action toys for sale -- in order to make room for new ones, of course - -STM Toys is the right place to find collectors searching for your collectibles.

Get Collecting Today

If you’re building onto your own collection or shopping for an action figure fan, STM Toys is the perfect place to browse for favorite brands like Mattel and Marvel, as well as independent, specialty toy makers. And don’t think the selection is limited to the classics like Darth Vader, or new faves like Kylo Ren —there are all manner of Anime toys and the increasingly popular Minecraft toys to go along with the traditional collector’s items. Whether you’re a fan of the WWE or the Star Wars Black Series, STM Toys has the action figures and action toys that will complete your collection.

Dolls & Bears

Shop for STM Toys on Parade

Almost every child has a special doll or teddy bear they insist on taking with them everywhere—you’re probably remembering the name of your own favorite childhood friend right now. From Barbies and plush toys to dollhouse furniture and vintage dolls for sale, STM Toys has a huge selection of the toys your child will cherish.

Find Cuddly Creatures for Your Little One

Who isn’t cheered up by snuggling with a warm teddy bear? This classic toy provides not only comfort but hours of entertainment to children with an active imagination. You’ll find a wide variety of bears for sale online at STM Toys, including favorites like Winnie the Pooh, Vermont Teddy Bears, Care Bears and vintage stuffed toy bears. Or, surprise your child with a cuddly giant teddy bear.

Shop Collectors’ and Kids’ Favorite Dolls

Do you collect vintage or antique dolls? Does your little one already have a penchant for the dainty faces of porcelain dolls? Classics from the paper variety to the ‘30s icon Betty Boop are a welcome surprise for the old and young, bridging generations and opening a world of artistry from a bygone era. Plus, there’s no need to visit a doll store to discover the perfect figurine. STM Toys’ search tools make it easy to find the exact doll you’re looking for.

Browse the Brands You Love

You can’t argue with the timelessness of the Barbie doll. On STM Toys, you can shop both vintage Barbies and newer iterations like the Barbie Fashionista. A doll’s look is never complete without the right outfit, so browse clothes for Barbie and the customizable American Girl Dolls for the perfect fit. Even the Monster High Dolls, complete with snazzy outfits and tons of accessories, and the classic Polly Pockets are growing in popularity among youngsters. Is your child a bit young for these ever-popular brands? Don’t worry—STM Toys stocks the beloved Cabbage Patch and Reborn Baby dolls as well.

But Where Will They Live?

As any little girl or boy knows, all those stuffed animals and toy dolls need a place to live! A doll house complete with doll house miniatures like tiny couches, tiny kitchen sets and other necessities is the perfect setting for a new little friend. STM Toys stocks everything from the outfits they’ll need in their mini closets to the plates they’ll use during your child’s weekly tea party.


Transform Game Night into a Family Tradition

It’s easy to find games online with STM Toys’ extensive collection of board games. You're sure to find new and used titles that family members of all ages can enjoy.

We offer war games, role-playing games and many multiplayer games that make it easy to start a new tradition: family game night! No matter what style of games you prefer, you can find the best games for your next family gathering or social event on STM Toys.

Enjoy Card Games Galore

Card games are classic for good reason: They're fun, easy to learn and they require a minimum amount of space and supplies to play. From vintage card games like Bridge to one of the many new favorites such as Cards Against Humanity, we provide a vast array of titles. And with STM Toys’ online game selection, you'll also find dice, card tables and other card game accessories to help you make the most of your game night experience.

Bring New Worlds to Life with Role-Playing Games

Have you ever wanted to win an epic sword fight to capture a princess' heart? Or create a new world of magic and mystery? With our role-playing games collection, you can do all these things and more! We provide fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS and many other titles that will offer players the occasional transport to a new reality.


There's Nothing Like a Classic Board Game

Take a trip down memory lane with a classic board game like Clue, Monopoly or Scrabble, or kick it old school with a chess set Our vast selection of family games and kids’ games makes it easy to put down the TV remote and have a few hours of good old-fashioned fun.

Beat the Rainy Day Blues with an Electronic Game

Our electronic games ensure you'll have no trouble entertaining yourself, no matter where you are. Single-player titles like Simon, Blackjack and Poker offer the perfect cure for boredom or the rainy day blues.

Building Toys

Buildings toys are excellent for helping to nurture a child’s creativity, problem-solving abilities, and gross motor skills. There are several brands of building sets for infants, preschool, and school-age kids. These hands-on toys allow children to use their imagination by interlocking building pieces to create large sculptures.

What are some notable brands of toys for building?

There are more than a dozen brands that offer creative building blocks and interlocking sets for all ages. You can choose from colorful construction toys, such as block sets, designed to help kids build their own unique masterpieces. Many of the connecting toys are based on character themes. Here are some common brands.

LEGOs: Founded in 1932, Lego offers numerous connecting toys for boy and girl builders. The brand name is the abbreviation for "leg godt," which means "play well." Legos are plastic bricks of a variety of shapes and figurines that allow children to build tower constructions or character sets. Some of Lego’s most common themed sets are Star Wars, DC Super Heroes, Ninjago,

Dimensions, Disney, and BrickHeadz.

Mega Brands: Mega Brands was formerly called Mega Bloks. This company offers connecting sets that include figurines of cartoon and movie characters, such as Despicable Me, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Pokemon, American Girl, Barbie Dreamtopia, and Monster High. Mega Brands also sell Mega Construx building toys with action figures for boys and girls.

K’Nex: K’Nex is another brand of building toys that offers themed sets of some of your favorite animated characters, like Super Mario, Lincoln Logs, and My Little Pony. K’Nex building sets include rods and connectors to build elaborate models. The K’Nex Education toys for building are ideal for classrooms that study STEM topics.


Which building toys are designed for infants and toddlers?

Some building sets may include small pieces that are not suitable for infants and toddlers. These age groups should play with larger building toys because they are prone to putting smaller pieces in their mouths. Each brand that offers toys for kids to build includes the recommended ages for each set listed on the box.

Where can you find the instructions for character sets?

Each box of toys for building should include detailed instructions with pictures. The images will show you the types of blocks you need to build each stage of the construction. Simply follow the instructions when starting until you complete the entire construction. As with all building toys, you can detach the bricks and rebuild again.

RC & Control Line

RC Control Line Toys Radio Control Toys

Anyone who has driven radio control cars or flown radio control airplanes knows the thrill they bring. Whether you compete in RC races or are shopping for radio control vehicles for a child in your life, you can shop STM Toys for all the RC cars, planes, trucks, motorcycles and radio control parts and accessories you need.

A Crash Course in Radio Control

Radio control vehicles are vehicles you can control remotely. The system has three main RC parts: The transmitter, which you hold in your hands to send signals to the receiver; the receiver, which exists in the vehicle and receives those signals; and the servo, which helps control acceleration and steering. Each RC part is critical to the simulated flying or driving experience.


Radio Control on the Ground

Radio control cars and other wheeled remote control vehicles rank among the most popular RC sellers, with models ranging from Kyosho motorcycles to New Bright monster trucks. STM Toys carries all the top RC control lines, including Associated, HPI, OFNA, Tamiya and Traxxas.

RC in the Sky

When you think of RC air vehicles, radio control airplanes probably come to mind. But flying RC toys go beyond just planes and include RC helicopters, the control line freeflyer toys and other radio control flying machines like drones. STM Toys also carries some of the top brands of flight simulators, including Realflight and Great Planes, as well as Guillows freeflight toys, and the Quadcopter and DJI Phantom drone.

Radio Control Parts

In addition to flying and driving RC cars and planes, some RC enthusiasts like to tinker with them as well. STM Toys offers a wide selection radio control parts and RC accessories for RC mechanics, including RC engines, receivers, servos and transformers.

From construction to motion, shop STM Toys for all your radio control cars, airplanes, parts and accessories—RC toys equal endless outdoor fun!

Railroads & Trains

For generations, children and adults alike have enjoyed everything from simply playing with trains to collecting, designing and building model railroads. Whether you are a model railroad enthusiast who loves to plan, build and create your own railway with model train sets, or you are shopping for a child who loves toy trains, STM Toys has everything you need.


Shop for Starter Sets

If you’re starting from scratch, the fastest way to begin is with a complete toy train set. Most complete train sets come with all the model railroad supplies you need, from the railroad tracks and controls to the train cars and the model railroad scenery.

Toy Trains for Children

There is a distinct difference between model railroads and toy trains. Model trains are built to look like exact replicas of the real thing. Toy trains are more interactive, less realistic and more durable than model trains—usually made from plastic or wood—which makes them better suited for children.

Vintage Train Sets for Collectors

For history buffs with a special interest in trains, STM Toys has a variety of intricate vintage trains for sale from different eras. Options range from full vintage train sets, such as a Vintage Marx Train Set, or specific vintage train cars from beloved brands like Lionel, American Flyer and Bachmann.

A Full Range of Train Parts and Accessories

Model trains differ in size from tiny full-scale indoor sets to backyard railroads designed large enough to carry train lovers themselves. Model train engines and control systems also vary widely, from electric cars to steam powered to gas-electric model train locomotives that closely simulate the engines of modern trains. STM Toys carries a range of model trains to suit the specific interests of any train hobbyist, including supplies for any scale you may be looking for—Z scale, N scale, TT scale, HO scale, standard scale and rare scales.

Collectible Card Games

Collectible card games are games played with trading cards. Generally, players use their own cards to create their deck of cards for the game. Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh are examples of these card games.

What is Magic: The Gathering?

Richard Garfield's Magic: The Gathering was initially published in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast. It is a card game played by two or more people at a time. Each player uses their own deck of cards with rules that restrict the construction of the decks. The game consists of a battle between wizards, called Planeswalkers, who fight the battle using the spells, artifacts, and creatures displayed on the Magic cards. The cards are either spells or lands. Lands provide energy to cast spells. Spells can last for only one turn or until the end of the game. Creature spells add a creature on the side of the player for the rest of the game.

What is the Pokemon trading card game?

The Pokemon collectible card game is a trading card game based on the characters from the video games of the same name. Each player uses their own deck of cards. Players start by placing a basic character onto the field as their active card. On subsequent turns, they can add another basic character to their bench until they have up to five on their bench. Players also set aside six cards as their prize cards. On their turns, they can switch their active character, evolve their character, play Trainer and Energy cards, and use character abilities. At the end of their turn, if a player has enough of the right energy attached to their active character, they can use one of its attacks. Damage to the attacked character is assessed, and if it is defeated, the attacking player gets a prize card. Additional types of cards add more advanced play.

What is the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game?

The Yu-Gi-Oh collectible card game is a trading card game based on a manga series of the same name created by Kazuki Takahashi and published by Konami. The manga is about a boy named Yugi Mutou who plays games to solve issues he confronts. One of the games in the manga is Duel Monsters, and it is the basis for this collectible card game. In this game, the battling forces are monsters.

What accessories can you use to protect your trading cards?

When you aren't playing with your cards, you can protect them by placing them in sleeves or deck boxes. These items come in a range of sizes and color and style options to suit your needs.

Diecast & Toy Vehicles

What Are the Scales for Die-Cast Models?

Die-cast models come in a variety of sizes. One of the largest sizes is the 1:12 scale, which is approximately 14 inches long with excellent detail. The 1:24 scale is popular throughout America and is very common for model construction kits. Thanks to the Corgi brand, the 1:36 scale has existed since the 1970s. The 1:43 model scale is famous as the size of the popular Dinky models, and Matchbox and Hot Wheels toys are 1:64 scale models. The smallest scale models are 1:148.

What Are Popular Die-Cast Model Brands?

Die-cast toys date back to the early 20th century. The early models by Dowst Brothers' Tootsietoys, Meccano's Dinky Toys, and Lesney's Matchbox are popular with collectors, and examples in good condition are often quite valuable, especially if they are in the original boxes. Mattel introduced Hot Wheels in 1968, and Hot Wheels and Matchbox account for the vast majority of modern die-cast model sales.

How Can You Display Die-Cast Models?

A collection of die-cast vehicles looks attractive on display, but these collectibles remain in better condition away from harmful dust and other environmental hazards. Direct sunlight bleaches paint and causes fading that significantly devalues the collection. Displaying the models in a glass-fronted display cabinet, away from direct sunlight, offers a solution that allows owners to still enjoy the visual appeal of the collection. Keeping packaging in good condition is also important for resale purposes, and collectors should avoid storing boxes in damp locations.


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